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Choose Consistency over Perfection

How do we achieve the results you desire?

In order to get into the best shape of your life, a structured path to get there is essential. When looking to build and develop your body and achieve your personal goals, we will monitor and set out decisive plans that are completely individual and relevant to you.

This will ensure we cover all areas from general flexibility and mobility, cardiovascular health and endurance to muscular development. I will plan and prepare tailored nutritional regimes, along with safe and effective exercise regimes based on you and your ability.

We work together every step of the way to ensure you get the chance to become the best version of yourself, not just physically but mentally as well. Working on the inside is just as important as working on the outside; if not more. It all begins with a thought that we turn into a reality. A strong and powerful mindset is the key factor in achieving success

Body transformation with Ryan Middleton Fitness

Together we will leave no stone unturned in ensuring you get the service you deserve from Middleton Fitness.

1:1 Personal


1 to 1 Personalised and structured 60-minute training sessions

Are you finally ready to take control of your physique and work towards the best version of yourself possible? When people put their trust in me to transform their body and mindset it’s not something I take lightly. I pride myself on building a fantastic rapport and relationship with my clients so ultimately we can achieve the best results possible. I offer completely bespoke and personalised 1-1 sessions and a wealth of knowledge and coaching expertise in both exercise selection, support and advice outside of our 1:1 sessions leading to a coaching experience that will teach you tools that you can sustain for life.

As a fully qualified and certified personal trainer I will plan, prepare and guide you through 60-minute training sessions that are customised to you and your specific needs in order to reach your desired outcome through a comprehensive workout structure and nutritional guidance in order to support your lifestyle.



Customised nutritional Coaching and monthly fitness recipe book

The most important step in your journey is building a relationship with good nutritional choices. I can provide customised and individual calorie intake and meal plans. Nutrition should be a lifestyle change so it’s important to work it around you. A flexible dieting approach is essential, but overall health and well-being should be top priority! I will teach you the tools to enjoy dieting, having the foods you love whilst still achieving great results.

Monthly Middleton fitness recipe books are available with 30 easy high performance meals for your convenience. I offer my recipe books as part of my service for either block booking 1:1 sessions or online coaching, it can also be purchased separately if desired.



If you’re unhappy with your physique, the way you feel, can’t seem to make any progress and want to develop bulletproof confidence and the body you’ve always dreamed of then look no further.

Online coaching offers you the opportunity to receive professional support via my user friendly training app from an experienced trainer of 8+ years and all accessible via your smartphone, tablet or iPad.

I will provide on-going support, accountability, alongside completely bespoke training and nutritional programming, support and advice and take you beyond what your normal online coaching experience offers.

Client Achievements

My clients’ achievements are proof that my strategy works.